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Why Feedswire

Following your favorite RSS feeds has never been simpler with FeedsWire! Download this RSS Feed Reader & get access to everything from up-to-the-minute online news feeds & weather reports, to twitter updates and more while on the go both even while offline right now!

FeedsWire is an RSS Feed Aggregating utility unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Fitted with an eloquently simple user interface this app is practical, lightning quick, and offers users unprecedented freedom to…


Simple, highly efficient RSS feed aggregation utility that gives users maximum contr ol.

  • Enables users to follow any RSS feed from national outlets to local news and friend’s social network feeds.
  • Easy swipe gesture & arrow button based switch options between articles & RSS feeds.
  • Grouping options to keep feeds organized and easily accessible.
  • Full Offline access to all RSS feeds.
  • Lightning quick loading times.
  • Usable in any orientation including landscape and portrait to accommodate all users.
  • Handy web button to show articles right in the publisher’s website for further insight.
  • The power to stay tapped into all the media and news channels you want right at your fingertips.
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